About Us

Ten4 Auto Transport & Logistics LLC originated to fill a void in the auto transport industry of companies with principals dedicated to integrity and excellence as auto transport brokers.

Through gaining experience in various auto transport solutions, our team are able to identify the best solution to transport your vehicle(s) whether its a short or long haul.

Everyone has a different reason for using an auto transporter, therefore one solution or price fits all, this is how Ten4 rises above the rest. We educate our customers about the auto transport process so they can make the best choice of service.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate auto transport professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Ten4 auto transports around the country

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Why Choose Ten4

Friendly Transport Agents

Ten4 has friendly agents standing by the phone or email ready to answer any questions about your auto transport needs. Our agents look to create long term relationships with each customer.

State Of Art System

At Ten4 Auto Transport & Logistics we are constantly looking to improve our customer experience by utilizing the latest technology in the transport industry. Once new technology is introduced you can be sure Ten4 will be looking to implement it.

Constant Communication

We make sure you are kept up-to-date on your transport status before your vehicle is picked up. Once picked up you will have a direct contact to the driver transporting your vehicle.

Customer Follow Up

Our signature at Ten4 Auto Transport & Logistics is our customer follow up and no other company can compare. We understand the importance for us and the customer to be in contact during this very stressful car transport process, so we’re either a phone call or email away, always.  

Door to Door

Unless you specify otherwise, all Ten4 car shipping quotes are presumed to be door-to-door. This means whenever possible, our driver will pick up and deliver your vehicles at your residence, office or any other place you designate.

Competitive Price Quotes

We pride ourselves on giving the most competitive price quotes in the industry to our customers, while still maintaining a win win situation for the carriers. Many factors determine your quoted price in-order to have your vehicle picked-up & delivered on time.

Our mission

Redefining the auto transport experience to bring customers & carriers closer together with technology & a great customer experience.

Our experience

North American Transportation 97%
Caribbean. Central & South America 83%
Heavy Equipment Transport 75%
Motorcycle Transport 95%

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